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At Bryan Animal Clinic, we provide the finest animal care services available in Decatur, Alabama. Pet grooming is among those services. It's important to recognize that pet grooming will play a key role in taking care of your pet's well-being. Wondering what to expect from a pet grooming experience? Read more below to find out. 


How Pet Grooming is Done

Animal grooming can be performed by a veterinarian, veterinarian assistant, or a professional pet groomer. These professionals undergo training to learn how to groom animals properly. A typical grooming session is centered around washing the animal with shampoo and conditioner, trimming excess hair, brushing away loose hair and dead skin, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. If the groomer is a certified veterinarian, he or she may check for fleas, ticks, or other infestations. Grooming isn't just about developing good hygiene for your pet. It's also about preventing future health problems by checking the animal's skin, coat, nails, and ears. 

You can schedule a pet grooming session at your local veterinary clinic. Once a vet appointment is booked, the groomer will walk you through all the necessary steps that are expected out of a grooming session. The groomer will make sure to gear the session so that it is safe, efficient, and comfortable for your pet. Be sure to inform the groomer on whether your pet has any special needs, fears, or medical conditions that will need to be addressed during a grooming session.

The Benefits of Pet Grooming

Having a veterinarian groom your pet comes with a number of benefits. For one thing, your cat or dog will have a cleaner appearance and smell. Better hygiene will also ensure a healthier dog. With a thorough pet grooming session, the groomer will be able to detect early health issues, such as skin disease, fleas, lumps, and abnormalities. Grooming will remove a buildup of skin debris, reduce the risk of ear infection, and create a healthy, shiny coat for your pet. Nail grooming is often a part of the pet grooming process. Nail trimming can reduce the chance of your pet developing arthritis and bone deformities. 

Overall, grooming is a great way to foster a healthy, happy, and hygienic pet. After the grooming session is over, your animal should be looking and feeling great. 

Finding a Pet Grooming Vet in AL

Bryan Animal Clinic is an animal care hospital serving the areas of Decatur, Hartselle, and Madison. If you are looking for a qualified veterinarian your pet, Dr. James Norwood Bryan or Dr. Harry Greenbaum may be able to help. To schedule an appointment with us, contact the hospital at (256)-350-0311.

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