Dental FAQs

When planning your pet’s healthcare regimen, don’t forget his dental care. Routine dental care can help prevent dental issues that can impair your pet’s overall health. These FAQs from Bryan Animal Clinic explain more about the importance of pet dental care.


Are dental problems common in pets?

Pets are susceptible to a number of dental issues ranging from tooth discoloration to bleeding gums to periodontal disease. Left untreated, dental issues like periodontal disease can impair your pet’s overall health, leading to kidney, heart, and liver problems. Through routine dental care, our veterinarian can catch dental issues early when they’re easier to treat so your pet doesn’t suffer from tooth loss.  

What are some signs that could indicate my pet has dental issues?

If your pet has foul breath, bleeding gums, or discolored teeth, he’s in need of dental care. Other signs to look out for are broken or loose teeth, a reluctance to chew hard food, difficulty swallowing, loss of appetite, swelling of face or jaw, or your pet constantly rubbing his mouth against furniture or carpeting. When in doubt, it’s best to schedule a pet exam at our animal hospital for dental care.   

How often should I bring my dog or cat in for professional teeth cleaning?

That depends on his current oral health, whether or not he has pre-existing dental issues, and the degree of dental care your pet receives at home. After a thorough dental exam, our veterinarian can determine what kind of dental care would be best for your pet. In general, however, most pets can benefit from annual visits to our animal hospital for professional teeth cleaning by our vet.

Is it really necessary to sedate my pet for dental exams and cleanings?

It’s simply not possible to take x-rays, conduct a thorough examination, and clean your pet’s teeth, particularly under the gum line where bacteria grows, without sedating your pet. Without anesthesia, your pet wouldn’t keep still for any kind of dental care due to fear and pain. By sedating your pet, we can do a thorough job of inspecting and cleaning his teeth without causing him discomfort or pain.

What does home dental care entail?

Home dental care entails brushing your pet’s teeth at least 3-4 times a week to prevent plaque buildup and gum disease. We recommend you also purchase foods, treats, and chew toys that help keep tartar at bay to protect your pet’s teeth in between professional cleanings.

See Our Decatur Veterinarian for Your Pet’s Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth are too valuable to leave to chance. To schedule a dental pet exam for your cat or dog, contact Bryan Animal Clinic in Decatur at (256) 350-0311 today.


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