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We at Bryan Animal Clinic in Decatur, AL, provide veterinarian technologies and treatments for conditions related to animals and veterinary needs. Our animal hospital and professional veterinarian team work diligently to aid any sick or injured pet. If you travel with your pet, ask about our veterinarian health certificates.

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Veterinarian Health Certificates

A veterinarian health certificate, or certificate of veterinary inspection (“CVI”), is a document verifying that an animal you plan to transport in the U.S. or internationally is free from illnesses or parasites harmful to people or other animals, depending on the regulation the “CVI” is written for.

Preparing for a Health Certificate Evaluation for Your Pet

In preparation for the evaluation or for traveling with your pet, there are several things it can help to do. Good planning can be important when traveling with your pet.

Domestic Health Certificates

For travel within the U.S., you might need to:

    • Start the process early.
    • Be aware of the financial costs.
    • Be mindful of the stress on your pet.
    • Make sure the veterinarian you schedule with is accredited and has the proper training.
    • Bring your pet’s medical records.
    • Bring a fresh stool sample from your pet.
    • Bring the heartworm, tick, and flea preventative prescription your pet is taking.
    • Bring the address and contact information of your destination.
    • Review the state’s requirements for where you will be traveling.
    • Review airlines’ requirements for traveling with your pet.

International Health Certificates

For international travel, you might need to:

    • Do some or all of the steps above.
    • Start the process early. It could take weeks or even months to complete, depending on your destination.
    • Check updates on requirements in other countries you will visit.

The Benefits of Obtaining a “CVI”

Here are some benefits of getting a “CVI” and a pet wellness exam for your pet:

    • Your pet will undergo extensive health exams that can uncover hidden health issues.
    • Your pet’s vaccinations can be updated.
    • It prevents the spread of infectious diseases.
    • Your pet might be be assessed to determine if he can tolerate or survive the trip.
    • An approved application will let you know that your pet is healthy.

Get Pet Care and a Health Certificate from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

Contact us at Bryan Animal Clinic in Decatur, AL, to schedule your pet’s appointment today. Your pet is your friend so get him the care he needs from our animal hospital. We can’t wait to meet your pet.

Contact our friendly staff by calling us at (256) 350-0311 to get pet care from a veterinarian at our animal hospital. We can help your pet live a pain-free, active life.

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