Skin Disorder

Skin disorders can be a problem for pets. There are different types of skin disorders and they can affect dogs, cats, and other animals as well. At Bryan Animal Clinic in Decatur, AL, we are trained in treating skin disorders in pets. A veterinarian on our team is here to help.

Skin Disorder

Types of Skin Disorders

Some of the more common skin problems include:

Allergic skin conditions: These can occur in response to different environmental factors such as pollen or dust, or even certain foods. Symptoms typically include excessive scratching, itching, or chewing at the affected area. Treatment usually involves identifying and removing the source of the allergic reaction, along with any secondary infections that may develop.

Parasitic infestations: Fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites can cause irritation and discomfort for your pet. The signs will vary depending on the type of parasite infesting your pet, but can include rashes, inflammation, and hair loss. Treatment typically involves using medications to get rid of the parasites.

Autoimmune diseases: These conditions may occur when your pet's immune system starts attacking its own skin cells. Common signs include inflamed or irritated skin that often looks red or dark in color. Treatment usually involves identifying the cause of the condition and treating any underlying health issues that may be contributing to it.

Fungal infections: Conditions such as ringworm and yeast infections can be fungal skin problems for pets. They can cause itching, irritation, flaking skin, pain, and other symptoms depending on the type of infection that your pet has developed. Treatment typically involves using antifungal medications or other topical treatments to get rid of the infection.

Bacterial infections: This is another type of skin disorder that can affect pets. It is an infection of the skin caused by bacteria, and may cause redness, crusting, itching, and other symptoms. Treatment typically involves using antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

Visit a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital for More Information

While skin disorders are a common problem for pets, many of them can be successfully treated with proper care and attention. If you're worried that your pet may have developed a skin condition, it can be important to schedule an appointment with Bryan Animal Clinic in Decatur, AL, so we can evaluate your pet and provide any necessary treatment. With early intervention at our animal hospital, pets may make a full recovery from skin conditions and be back to their normal selves in no time. Call us at (256) 350-0311.

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