Your pet is a member of your family. Keeping your pet healthy and safe is a responsibility that most owners do not take lightly. You make sure that you take your pet to visit a veterinarian on a regular schedule to get his wellness checked and for necessary vaccinations. At Bryan Animal Clinic, Dr. James Norwood Bryan, Dr. Jeff English, and Dr. Harry Greenbaum offer veterinary services, like pet microchipping, to residents of Decatur, Hartselle, and Madison, AL.


Why Get Your Pet Microchipped?

As a loving pet parent, you want to keep your pet safe. If he escaped from your home, you are likely to worry about how to find him. That is where microchipping comes in. When your pet has a microchip, it is much easier for him to be identified and returned to you if he is found and taken to an animal hospital or shelter.

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is an electronic chip that is enclosed in a glass tube, which is about the size of a grain of rice. This chip has a specific identification number that is associated with your pet. No battery replacement is necessary as the chip lasts longer than the span of an animal’s life. The microchip is read by a scanner, which activates the chip. Once the identification number appears on the scanner, a vet can look it up on a national database to find your contact information. The microchip can most definitively add an extra level of peace of mind since it can not only help return your lost pet, but it can also prove ownership of your pet.

How is a Microchip Implanted?

A microchip is implanted with a hypodermic needle and is placed under the skin of your pet, between the shoulder blades.

Is It Painful?

Inserting the chip in your pet is no more painful than getting a vaccination shot. A small pinch may be felt, but in most cases, pets do not flinch or notice it when the chip is implanted.

Microchipping Your Pet Can Ease Your Mind

Microchipping can make pet ownership less stressful for you. For pet owners in Decatur, Hartselle, and Madison, AL, count on our veterinarians, Dr. James Norwood Bryan, Dr. Jeff English, and Dr. Harry Greenbaum, from Bryan Animal Clinic to care for your pets. Give our vet clinic a call at (256) 350-0311 to set up an appointment to discuss microchipping your pet.

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